Privacy-centric social networking


Kakapo has been taken offline; there doesn't appear to be enough interest in it to warrant continued support. If you are interested in picking up the project, please send email me at support@kakapo.app.

What is Kakapo?

Kākāpō are a species of large, flightless, nocturnal, ground-dwelling parrots.

Kakapo is also a privacy-centric social network. Some people would say that "privacy-centric" and "social network" is a contradiction in terms, but we think we can make it work.

Kakapo is a little different from other social networks: we don't profit from your information. In fact, we've designed Kakapo to make it as difficult as possible for us to profit from your information, even if we wanted to. We have no interest in being part of the surveillance economy.

How does it work?

There are three main ways that Kakapo preserves your privacy:

First, everything you share on the Kakapo network is encrypted on your device before it gets sent to our servers, and only the people that you share with are able to decrypt it. This means we can't see what you're sharing, which means that we can't mine it for valuable personal information, assemble a vast facial recognition database, or share it with "advertising partners".

Second, we only know you by a random 36-character series of letters and numbers called a globally unique identifier and while we do keep logs, we hash your IP address along with the server path and keep those logs only long enough to help guard against abuse of the Kakapo network (typically a day, but in some cases up to a week). So we can't tie your Kakapo identity to your real-world or online identities.

Finally, your social graph is stored on your device, not on our servers. We aren't interested in knowing who is connected to whom. When somebody shares something on the Kakapo network, we do have to store who it is shared by and with, but all we really know is that the user with ID "f8d2a8c5-ffec-426a-a587-301b86af769e" shared something with the user with ID "df15959f-2cc3-4917-89ef-50f6c5a23d0a".

We do store your account information in encrypted form so that you can use Kakapo on multiple devices, but we don't have the encryption key, so we can't decrypt it.

For further details regarding what Kakapo stores on your device and what it stores on our servers, including a complete sample user data dump from the server, please see our privacy policy.

Get Kakapo

Kakapo is currently only available for Android devices.

Kakapo is in limited open beta testing. If you're interested in trying Kakapo out and providing some feedback, head over to the Google Play store and install it, then visit our subreddit or send us email with questions, comments, and constructive abuse.

Google Play

A iOS client is planned, but if you can't wait and want to develop your own client for iOS (or any other platform), head over to Github and take a look at the HTTP API.


You may get in touch with us on Reddit or send us an email at support@kakapo.app.